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Wall Clock

Brass Framed Wall Clock

9.5 Inch Diameter

Price:  SOLD!

These clocks originally had gold colored faces with brass frames and tines resembling the sun’s rays.  They were mounted flush to the bulkhead with their mechanism inset into the bulkhead. 


At some point, probably during the latter Princess Cruises era when the ship was getting all sorts of decorative twerks, someone painted the brass bits black and the face a pearlescent white.  These were located on the stairtower landings and only three made if off the ship intact after she was beached at Alang as AMEN in late 2014.  I am only offering this one in “as is” condition.  It kept time all the way up until the ship’s power plant was shut down.  The overall condition is good but the two 9:00 tines are loose and while firmly attached to the clock framework, move to one side or the other. 

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