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“Love Boat”
Barcelona Style Chairs

30.5 Inches Tall by 30.5 Inches Wide by 30.5 deep
16 Inch Seat Height
Chrome Framework, Piped Leather Upholstery
Price: $450.00 plus shipping -- Three Available


Few chairs will ever rival the beauty and style of Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Barcelona Chairs.  These beautifully made knock-offs date from the ISLAND VENTURE’s debut in 1972 and were situated in the Riviera Deck vestibules until being removed during the scrapping process in late 2014.  Their chrome framework still glistens and their quality leather seating endures, albeit with some minor signs of long years of use (minimal scuffs and occasional missing buttons and/or piping).  I have three of these available at a fraction of the price of most Mies knock-offs.  And even though they may lack the Knoll imprint in their base, they have something that most Mies chairs don’t:  true Love Boat cachet.

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