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Morsels Of Italy

"Tower 3": 15.75 by 46.5 inches. $450.00.

"St Jean's Cathedral, Lyon": 64 by 39.75 Inches. $950.00.

After five years, I decided it was time to offer up Set Four of the Emanuele Luzzati panels from SS AUSONIA's first class stair tower as individual components. These stunningly beautiful melamine panels depict Roman and Italian monuments and architecture. As much as I would have loved to keep this ensemble together, with a new container coming, there just is no space to do so.

"Domes": 39.5 by 32.5 Inches. $500.00.

Now, before fellow purists call for my excommunication, I have kept two of the four full sets for my own archives and have not yet begun to disassemble Set One, which is still available for sale in its entirety (last chance -- step up soon or forever hold your peace on that, too). To my surprise, I have found that the individual works are perhaps even more beautiful when displayed on their own. Several parts of the ensemble sold immediately from the MidShipCentury Facebook page, so please have a look over there if you have the slightest interest in obtaining an original Luzzati creation. There are no more ships with Luzzati works in the pipeline, so what you find here is pretty much all there is left. I am offering a sampling here as the official webpage for the disassembled Set Four is still in the works.

"Doges Palace Cathedral, Venice": 94.5 by 48 Inches. $1,250.00.

"Yellow Sails" by Enrico Paulucci from SS STELLA SOLARIS: 139.25 by 58.75 Inches.

Another treasure coming to the site in the next week or two is the Enrico Paulucci "Yellow Sails" panel from SS STELLA SOLARIS' embarkation lobby. Paulucci, who passed in 1999 at the age of 98, was one of the most celebrated and influential artists who contributed to the Italian-designed ships of the twentieth century. It has taken me ten years to finally be able to part with this stunning work, which consists of three large melamine panels. Our Facebook page has some images of this panel and I am happy to answer inquiries via private e-mail ( until the offical page is added to the site.

I have also previewed some up and coming items from the former Love Boat ISLAND PRINCESS, which I paid a farewell visit to in January at Alang. Three massive Norwegian murals and a selection of furnishings and other bits will be in the next container. I have made a "wait list" for chairs and other items and many things are already fully spoken for. I am hoping for delivery of the next container in mid-to-late spring.

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