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Original Lloyd Triestino Materials
Pair Of Bronze and Acid Etched Glass Doors.  F

Each Door 74.5 Inches Tall by 29 Inches Wide
Original Lloyd Triestino Materials
Solid Bronze Framework With Acid Etched Glass
Price: $1,750.00 USD For The Pair

This is a simply stunning pair of doors that once graced the first class entrance on board Lloyd Triestino's drop dead gorgeous little VICTORIA of 1953. Designed by Gustavo Pulitzer-Finale, beyond these portals was the reception area and an elegant stairtower with crystal insets leading up to the public rooms. These doors are incredibly solid and heavy and do come with their framework (not shown) and hardware. In the images, they are dusted off but not cleaned up properly. Some might prefer the vertigris on the brass for its patina but if not, it will shine up beautifully as will the glass polish perfectly with a little tlc and Windex.

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