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Stylish Finmare/Italia First Class Dishes By Ginori.  From MV ANASTASIS.

Blue and Gold "Anchor Flag" Logo
Manufactured By Richard Ginori
8.25 Inches Wide
$25.00 Each

I became very familiar with this beautiful logo when visiting the MS PHILIPPINES (ex AUGUSTUS) in Manila several years ago. She had this pattern on many of her original dishes, which I would later learn was the first class logo from Finmare, used from about 1970 onwards with the four Italian state operated passenger shipping companies: Italia, Lloyd Triestino, Adriatica and Tirrenia.

These were safely tucked away in the galley of ANASTASIS all the way until the end, when she beached at Alang in 2007. High quality and first class all the way!

These have the Richard Ginori imprint on their underside and are extremely limited in quantity.

Special thanks to Carl Illardi, Mark Goldberg and Alberto Bisagno for clarification on the first versus tourist class origins of these dishes.

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