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Pair Of Circular Ceiling Lights From MV AUGUSTUS

Brass, Aluminum and Acrylic Construction

Measurements: Can is 16.5 Inches Wide and 4.5 Inches Deep

Disc is 15 Inches Wide

Price:  $600.00 for the pair


Few things are more in demand than vintage Italian light fixtures, let alone a pair of them. This dynamic duo of recessed ceiling lights from the MV AUGUSTUS is simple, yet exquisitely stylish. Most of the shipʼs lighting came from the famed Arte Luce studios (alas, no markings), so this could be a bonanza for the right collector. Iʼm not certain which room these came from but identical fixtures with a larger base could be found in the first class Sala Bambini (aka Childrenʼs Dining Room) on the forward/ starboard side of the first class Dining Room. There are hairline fractures (not readily visible) in one of the acrylic shades and they will need rewiring and new lights (all behind the scenes) but these are a phenomenal pair of vintage Italian lights in “as is” condition and priced accordingly.


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