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Original First Class Bar and Lounge Chairs


Mahogany Framed Cassina-made Chairs
31 Inches Tall by 25 Inches Wide by 28 Inches deep
17 Inch Seat Height
Mahogany Legs

Last TWO (2) available.
Price:   SOLD  $300.00 Plus Shipping. Extremely Limited Supply!

I have a very limited supply of these gorgeous Cassina-made First Class Bar and Lounge Chairs from the MV AUGUSTUS, having sold the lion's share before I could get this page posted. These are identical to the chairs from Gustavo Pulitzer-Finale's astoundingly beautiful ballroom from CONTE BIANCAMANO and could even possibly be those very chairs as it was common for Italia and other lines to move stores and fittings from their decommissioned ships to their active fleet. In early AUGUSTUS promotional material, the only evidence of these chairs are the leather-covered examples from the First Class Bar.

These chairs are in excellent structural condition and a few are almost "ready-to-seat" but I would suggest reupholstering them in their original red velvet, as shown in the examples here. In the ship's latter days as MS PHILIPPINES, this type of seating, combined with the oval former ballroom chairs, furnished the forward lounge. They were covered in a gold upholstery, their solid mahogany legs (originally stained in a dark walnut color) painted over in that ubiquitous mahogany colored paint that obscured so much of the ship's original finery.

These are early Post War examples of Cassina chairs. Their shapes would evolve into similar but simpler forms seen on ships such as Incres Line's VICTORIA, Italia's LEONARDO DA VINCI and almost all of the Costa and Sun Lines fleets.

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