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Set #3:
Undersea-Themed Glass Panels
by Righi for Gustavo Pulitzer-Finale-designed
First Class Dining Room.  From ​MV AUGUSTUS.


Measurements: Each Component Is 31 Inches Wide by 65 Inches Tall
Set is 93 Inches Wide By 65 Inches Tall
Hand-Painted On Translucent Fabric
Pressed Between Two Glass Panels
Mounted In Mahogany Framework

Note: This is not available in sections. All components will stay together.

Price: $2,500.00   SOLD

AUGUSTUS was the last of an incredible breed of Italian ocean liners. That such beauty remained intact for almost sixty years only to be torn to pieces is beyond comprehension. But at least some of the ship's interior will now live on in the hands of private collectors

The ship's First Class Dining Room was designed by the renowned Gustavo Pulitzer-Finale. Pulitzer conceived of an undersea-themed space with whimsical, fantastic artwork, most of which was removed from the ship before it left Italian hands in 1975 -- except for these. On either side of the room mahogany-framed glass screens slid over the portholes, which during long crossings in often inclement weather was almost as merciful as the ties that stayed the stylish Cassina armchairs (see Augustus Pulitzer Chairs) to the linoleum decking.

The artist who painted these panels is Righi. Similar versions of his work albeit in a different medium are preserved today in the ballroom (also designed by Pulitzer) of the CONTE BIANCAMANO superstructure at the Museum of Science and Industry in Milan.

Simple fishnets, indeed, but the way they are renderered is masterful. And the little octopus or squid in the cage is wonderful! Imagine these backlit by the sun on both sides of the dining room as AUGUSTUS pllied the North and South Atlantic. Even the beveled mahogany framework is a lost art.

Note: these are extremely heavy (approximately 80 pounds each) and will require crating and freight shipping.

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