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Nickel and Acrylic Exit Signs.

Items from SS AUSONIA.

re "Exit"/"Uscuta" Signs From SS AUSONIA's passageways
Nickel Base: 8.5 by 3.5 Inches
Plexiglas "Exit" Sign: 8 by 3 Inches
Recessed Dome For Light Fixture: 2.25 Inches Deep by 8 Inches Long
Price:  $125 USD plus shipping
Five Available

How I wish it were still possible to cross the passageways of the elegant AUSONIA. I remember these quite vividly and loved their bilingual utility. They are very solidly made, dating from the ship's incarnation in 1957 and are still quite useful. Only five came off the ship intact and once they are gone, that is it.

The nickel plate goes flush with the ceiling and in the recess, there is a dome for the light fixture. Will need rewiring for American circuitry.

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