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CNN Lisboa Ceramic Ramekins.

White Ceramic or Porcelain
Original Blue and White CNN Checkered Flag Logo
2.5 Inch Diameter
1.5 Inches Tall
$10 Each

It is absolutely amazing (and sad) to think that MARIANN 9 was another virtual museum when she went to the Alang breakers in 2001. Laid up for over a decade and with very sporadic use since her last sailing for Companhia Portuguesa de Transports Maritimos (the amalgamation of CNN, CCN, and Empresa Insulana) in the mid-1970s, she was chock full of original liner crockery and silver. I have had these lovely little condiment holders tucked away for nearly three years and have finally gotten access to them for MidShipCentury. They are fine little "dandies" and very convenient for spices, sauces, a dollup of guacamole, or grated onions. You name it!

I am tempted to call these porcelain, as they are very fine, but perhaps they are just well rendered ceramic? I love the blue and white checkered Companhia Nacional de Navegaçao logo and those sleek blue pin stripes!

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