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Elder Dempster Line Mini Cups.

Cream Colored Ceramic With
Red, Green, and Black Pinstripes
2 Inches Tall
2.5 Inches Wide
$7.50 Each

All of the Latsis ships were museums to the very end, and the MARIANNA VI was no exception. When Latsis bought her from Elder Dempster Line, she was basically sold, lock, stock and barrel. The crockery, linens, silver, and signage was from the ship's AUREOL era with a few old former and current Latsis ships' items thrown in (such as Royal Mail Line silver from one of the ex HIGHLAND ships and crockery and linens from the old P&O STRATHS, DFDS' ENGLAND, and even Peter Deilmann's REGINA MARIS).

These are very handsome little cups from the AUREOL. Their pattern is similar to the P&O Line pattern, so it is no wonder why Latsis mixed them together with the P&O STRATH mini saucers on the MARIANNA VI.

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