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Elder Dempster Line Round Silver Plate Bowls.

Heavy Silver Plate
Elder Dempster Line Flag Logo on Top Of Face
2 Inches Tall
4.5 Inches Wide
$15.00 Each

All of the Latsis ships were museums to the very end, and the MARIANNA VI was no exception. When Latsis bought her from Elder Dempster Line, she was basically sold, lock, stock and barrel. The crockery, linens, silver, and signage was from the ship's AUREOL era with a few old former and current Latsis ships' items thrown in (such as Royal Mail Line silver from one of the ex HIGHLAND ships and crockery and linens from the old P&O STRATHS, DFDS' ENGLAND, and even Peter Deilmann's REGINA MARIS).

These Walker Hall, Sheffield pieces are being sold "as is" and are in good condition with a few dings and some heavy tarnish from years of use and subsequent layup in Greece. So buy plenty of silver polish and get ready to make them shine again! Supplies are extremely limited and I will sell what I think are the ones in best condition first.

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