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Large Painting Of Horses On The Hunt by Archibald Forbes from The SS EMPRESS OF BRITAIN (1956)

Measurements: 57 Inches Wide by 34 Inches Tall
Painting on metal in large frame
Price: SOLD!

Although this solidly built liner was renovated and even rebuilt several times, a number of her original fittings survived some 53 years until her beaching at Alang in 2008 as TOPAZ. I did not even know these paintings still existed until I visited the ship's captain's office during her next to last incarnation as Royal Olympic Cruises SS OLYMPIC in 1998.

This was one of two works by Canadian artist Archibald Forbes depicting hunting scenarios. This particular painting is in very good condition for its age and history. Perhaps it was moved from its original position in the former first class Club Room to the captain's quarters during the coversion to QUEEN ANNA MARIA in 1964 but most likely someone decided it did not fit the Carnival Cruises "Fun Ship" image during the ship's pivotal career as CARNIVALE. Although her younger sister, the former EMPRESS OF CANADA started things off for Carnival as the MARDI GRAS, the CARNIVALE can be credited with firmly establishing the company and leading to its continued expansion into what has become the world's largest passenger shipping conglomerate.


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