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SS EUGENIO C Original ATISA 1884 / Plans.

Various Sizes
Original Shipyard Architectural Plans
Folded, measure approximately 12" tall by 8.5 inches wide and unfold to varying lengths and widths.

Price: As Marked Plus Shipping

Saved from the newspaper mulchers at Alang from a very hot, humid, mosquito-infested trader's yard, these plans are the original plans for Costa's brilliant SS EUGENIO C. These particular plans are technical, from the A.T.I.S.A. offices of Milan and most are dated from late 1964 through 1965. One of a kind, in Italian, of course.  

These plans are enduring but have been tested by time, some wear and the elements. Most are in very good to excellent condition but some weathering and water spotting may have occurred. 

I will try my best to note the condition of each plan in the listings. Please understand these were in use for four decades

There are many more to come, so if you are looking for something specific, please check back regularly. It will take a long time to get all the various types of plans listed.

  • Number 1884/3/8261 (Impianto Di Condizionamento C17, Impianto Di Estrazione E4 Vestiboli 3rd Class): some waterspots on bottom fron edge, otherwise excellent condition. Price: $10.00
  • Number 1884/4/8306B(Impianto Di Condiziomento Ed Estrazione C5 -- E2): slight yellowing on front, otherwise excellent condition. Price: $7.50
  • Number 1884/7/8089 (Trunk Presa Aria E Scarichi Stazioni Colonna Compenso Cucina 1st and 2nd Classe): some waterspots on front edge, otherwise excellent condition. Price: $15.00
  • Number 1884/7/8093 (Presa Aria E Scarico Stazione Condiz. No. 30): some yellowing, otherwise excellent condition. Price: $7.50
  • Number 1884/7/8096 (Presa Aria E Scarico Stazione Condizionamento No. 23 bis C11): weathered, water spotted. Price: $5.00
  • Number 1884/7/8102 (Scarichi Aria Staz. Cond. 25 (ex 7 bis) E Locale CO2Presa Aria E Scarico Stazione Condiz No 28 C35-ER35): yellow, spotting and tear on back panel with no missing elements, otherwise excellent. Price: $15.00
  • Number 1884/7/8119 (Passagi Condotte Entro Cofani Caldaie E Turbine): yellowed, otherwise excellent. Price: $10.00
  • Number 1884/7/8123 (Nicchie Per Apparecchiatura Regolazione Automatica): Sllight spots and yellowing on front fold, otherwise excellent. Price: $15.00
  • Number 1884/7/8169 (Presa Apia Per V6-V8-V9-V10 Scarichi Per E12, etc. Stasioni No 23 (ex9), 16 (ex 15), 17 (ex 16), 14 (ex 19)): yellow, some spotting, otherwise excellent. Price: $15.00
  • Number 1884/7/8172 (Collegamenti Tipici Per Indicazioni Di Temperatura): small, water spots, slight fray. Price: $5.00
  • Number 1884/7/8240 (Scarichi Aria Staz. Cond. 25 (ex 7 bis) E Locale CO2): yellow, one fray, otherwise excellent. Price: $10.00
  • Number 1884/7/8338 (Stazione No. 10 (ex 23) Continuazione Condotte E3 - ER6): yellow, waterspotting on edges, otherwise excellent. Price: $10.00 
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