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Stylish Finmare Tourist Class Cups and Saucers


Cups 3.5 Inches Wide by 2.25 Inches Tall
Saucers 5.5 Inches Wide
$25 Per Set / 5 Sets for $100

I was able to rescue a small quantity of these Finmare espresso cup and saucer sets from the stores aboard the beached PHILIPPINE, the former AUGUSTUS of 1952. These beautiful Ginori-manufactured pordelain items were introduced to the Italia fleet around the time of the debut of MICHELANGELO and RAFFAELLO in the early-to-mid 1960s. Finmare was the amalgamation of the four state-run Italian shipping companies: Italia, Lloyd Triestino, Adriatica and Tirrenia. Tourist Class was this pretty irridescent green and First Class was trimmed in a striking blue and gold.

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