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Anodized Aluminum Railing

3 by 1.5 Inch Railing of Varying Lengths

Price:  110 Inches -- $95.00;

64, 57 and 50 Inches -- $90.00;

45,34,31 Inches -- $85.00


These beautiful, nickel-coated aluminum railings were in the ISLAND VENTURE’s accommodation passageways.  From the ship’s reputation for being “tender” in high or even moderate seas, they surely served their purpose admirably, giving countless passengers something to grab onto as they raced to their staterooms with mal-de-mer.  These remarkably solid but lightweight railings come with their end finials and attachments, so all one needs is the screws to affix them and a lucky wall.  Some customers like to use ship railing in their loos as towel racks.  They are in excellent structural condition with occasional scratches and dings, as one would expect after forty-plus years.  Extremely limited quantity.  Only one or two of each length available.

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