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Carousel Lounge Ceiling Discs

Handcrafted Resin-Textured Aluminum Discs

Various Patterns:  15.45 Inch Diameter

Price:  $20.00 each

Perhaps more now than ever, as cruise ships get more and more generic, the work of seminal marine architects like Robert Tillberg can be fully appreciated.  His designs for the airy SEA VENTURE and ISLAND VENTURE were meant to be ultra sleek and modern, almost to the point of starkness, in sharp contrast with the perceived ornateness of the ocean liner era.  Nonetheless, Tillberg infused these two vessels with all sorts of details that most people would take for granted.  I had visited both ships countless times during their PACIFIC and ISLAND PRINCESS heydays and never took much note of the stunning artwork they sported, let alone the lovely acoustic discs in the ceilings of their Carousel Lounges.  It wasn’t until an Antarctica Cruise on board the then DISCOVERY (ex ISLAND VENTURE/PRINCESS) in 2006 that I gazed up during a lull in one of the enrichment lectures and was captivated by what I saw.  By that time, these discs were painted over in white but I was fascinated to find that each sported a unique, hand-textured surface.

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