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Frans Widerberg’s
“Wind And Light In Movement”

Colored Glass and Resin -- 30 Individual Components

Total Measurements:  Approximately 30 by 15 feet (30 components in varying size) 

Please see gallery below for individual dimensions and pricing

Of all of the works commissioned for the ISLAND VENTURE (later ISLAND PRINCESS, DISCOVERY), this spectacular glass panel set by Trondheim, Norway-based Frans Widerberg (1932-- ) may be the most important and iconic.  Widerberg is renowned for creating vivid works utilizing primary colors of red, blue and yellow to depict “an ecstatic life experience” or “a sense of cosmic space.”  A number of his public commissions can be found throughout Norway and he is a master of all media, from wood cuts and ceramics to glass, oil and watercolor.  His art is prominently displayed in the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Gallery in Norway.


This panel set, which was featured in numerous “Love Boat” episodes when the ISLAND PRINCESS ghosted for her twin sister, the show’s “name ship” PACIFIC PRINCESS, depicts “wind and light in movement” but can resemble any number of conceptual ideas from a flock of birds to an island chain or even ocean currents.


It was carefully removed during the ship’s demolition but the Indian heat loosened and cracked some of the resin fill that holds the colored glass components together.  Any loosened parts have since been epoxied and remounted.  All are accounted for except for one piece from the bottom left portion of Component #10, that apparently went AWOL before the ship was even beached at Alang.  One or two of the small glass pieces have dings or hairline fissures but overall the panel set is in exceptionally good condition. 


Each component has been mounted to a thick section of plywood for backing support as the glass is extremely heavy and tends to stress the resin, especially in warm or hot conditions.  These were originally mounted with industrial strength ties that were welded into the steel framework of the ship, so a strong wall and careful mounting are required. 


Please click through the following carousel of images for price, dimensions and a description of each element. 

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