Full frontal view

Left side, viewed from below.

Right side.

Full frontal view

IVERNIA 2nd Engineerʼs Rack

Oak And Mahogany Finish

41 by 25 by 12 Inches $550.00

This one-of-a-kind “pigeon hole rack” came from the IVERNIAʼs 2nd Engineerʼs Office and was apparently used to stow plans and logs. It would make an ideal mail box in a boutique hotel lobby or serve as a handy rack for cook books, magazines or books of varying size. Each nook is angled slightly down to help prevent contents from sliding out in rough seas.


Frontal view, from below.

Builders notation at top/back. Also note 5 by .5 inch chip in veneer.

2” chip in top/left oak veneer.

Aside from two chips along the back edge of the oak-veneered top (that will likely remain out of view), this rack is in excellent condition and finished beautifully with mahogany and oak veneers. The Old World craftsmanship is solid and enduring.