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Wooden Dining/Serving Tables
from RMS IVERNIA of 1955.

Extremely Solid Wood Costruction
Rubberized Surface With Floral Imprint
31 Inches Tall by 49.75 Inches Long by 29 Inches Wide
Vintage Cunard Materials
Only Three Available
Price:  SOLD  $500.00 each USD plus shipping

I purchased ten of these tables from the SS SALONA (ex IVERNIA, FRANCONIA, FEDOR SHALYAPIN) after she was beached in India. Two are in my dining room and five sold to friends before I could even offer them on MidShipCentury. I have just cleared out a number of items, allowing me access to these last few tables and am putting them up for sale. I will follow with photos of the third table once I can get to it.

"Table One" has all four of its side leaves intact. These were, of course, to help stop plates and glasses from sliding off the table during rough seas. "Table Two" is missing two of its leaves, perhaps so that it could be placed together with other like tables for large gatherings. Once I get access to "Table Three", I can determine if it has all of its leaves or not and will add it to this page.

As these are tall and narrow tables, it has been suggested they were used for serving in addition to seating. In any case, the above photo shows a similar table in use for dining on the IVERNIA's sister ship CARNITHIA. I suspect the floral patterned top was added in the FRANCONIA conversion as the materials and integration of the surfacing is far superior to anything the cash-starved Soviets could have implemented after her Cunard period.

In the late 1990s, there was an attempt to refurbish the FEDOR SHALYAPIN for further service. In the process, her dining rooms were completely stripped with all ceiling panels and furnishings removed for rewiring. Half way through the job, the work stopped and never resumed. In the interim, the tables and chairs were stored near the ship's fantail and not moved until being offloaded at Alang.

These are the first, last, and only vintage Cunard dining tables I have to offer.

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