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Classic Cunard Bakelite Fixtures
Four Types Of Punkah Louvre VentsFrom SS IVERNIA / FRANCONIA of 1955 / 1963

Varying Size and Condition -- Priced Accordingly

SALONA (ex IVERNIA, FRANCONIA, FEDOR SHALYAPIN) was one of the very last ships still in existence with original bakelite Punkah Louvre vents when she beached at Alang in 2004. My agent, Kaushal, was a bit shocked when I asked him to save all that he could. Unfortunately, most were destroyed and recycled for their parts, but I did manage to retrieve a small quantity of three different types. Their condition is good, although after fifty years, some have received a little ding here or there. I will offer the ones I feel are in best condition first.

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