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“K” (Kavounides) Lines Saucers

Made by Steelite

5.5 Inches Wide
Price: $7.50 each. Extremely limited quantity. 

These saucers (but no cups) appeared at the Alang traders shortly after the SALAMIS GLORY (ex ANNA NERY, CONSTELLATION, REGENT SPIRIT) was broken up in 2010. “K” Lines was one of many family owned Greek lines and a major player in Aegean cruising for decades. The flagship CONSTELLATION was their largest and most deluxe vessel, having begun her career in Brazilian coastal service as the ANNA NERY in 1962. After the collapse of K Lines, she went to Regency as the REGENT SPIRIT and finally served as Salamis Linesʼ impeccably maintained SALAMIS GLORY until being forced to retire due to strict 2010 SOLAS regulations. 

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