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Genuine KK-37 Chairs
by Kay Kørbing of Denmark

Genuine KK-37 Chairs by Kay Korbing

Manufactured by Gottfred H. Petersen A/S

Steel legs and framework

Measurements:  33 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 20 inches deep

6 Available

Price:  $275.00 each

These original Scandinavian beauties are most likely from a cargo ship’s officer’s quarters.  I picked these up during my last visit to Alang in 2011.  MidCentury Danish design icon Kay Korbing designed these chairs, which are smaller versions of his ubiquitous KK-7’s, which were found in the lounges of a wide range of ships from Norwegian America Line’s glorious SAGAFJORD to DFDS’ WINSTON CHURCHILL.


Structurally, they are in great condition but will require new upholstery.  These are the “real deal” and not some cheap knockoff.  Many also have the original designer labels on the underside. 

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