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Total Measurements:  124 Inches Wide by 71 Inches Tall (Eight 31 by 71 inch components) 

All of the works commissioned for the ISLAND VENTURE (later ISLAND PRINCESS, DISCOVERY) and her sister SEA VENTURE (later PACIFIC PRINCESS, PACIFIC) were by prominent Norwegian artists, including the late Kristian Ystehede (1940 -- 2005), a graphic designer that headed the firms Intrmarco and Aschehoug.

Ystehede’s spectacular panels were located on the forward Fiesta Deck stairtower landing that was adjacent to the famous double deck “Love Boat Lobby”.  With this panel representing the bow of a sailing ship on the starboard side and a very similar panel on the port side representing the ship’s stern, guests would literally walk aft “through” the ship to get to the lobby.

This work consists of eight 31-by-71-inch acrylic panels.  Each of the four sections is made of a pair of panels with silkscreened art on both their front and back surfaces.  The slightly thicker red and orange back panels are frosted so that they can be backlit without exposing the lighting source.  A thinner set of clear violet and green-imprinted acrylic panels forms the front of the work.


In the October 1983 issue of Cruise Travel magazine, an article entitled “Island Of Love” by Janet Steinberg about the ISLAND PRINCESS‘ artwork describes the panel as follows:  “The main lobby, leading to the purser’s square, consists of silkscreened (SIC) Perspex panels.  Done on three layers, it gives a three-dimensional sensation of what is being viewed.  The glass panels, on each side of the entrance, gives the impression to the viewer that he is looking out of a window and seeing an old sailing ship passing by.”

Overall, the condition is excellent, although there are some minor scuffs and scratches that do not detract from the scope and beauty of this outstanding, epic work. 

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