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"Fig Tree Flight" Tapestry by Erminio Lozzi made for MV WORLD RENAISSANCE.

95.5 by 46.5 Inches
Price:  $1,750  SOLD

I'll leave it to the observer to determine if this is a pair of hawks, a hawk-versus-a-dove or another bird story entirely. Surely as the WORLD RENAISSANCE rumbled along through the Aegean, an inquisitive diner or two may have wondered the same thing. This tapestry, like its complement, is in overall excellent condition with rich colors and the body of work intact.

Lozzi's style was warm, employing vivid oranges and yellows, burnt umber, avocado green and turquoise. His ships had metallic art and gorgeous original tapestries, many depicting scenes from Greek mythology. He transformed the WORLD RENAISSANCE from a cool, chic, but well-worn French lady into a contemporary Greek maiden that would become a staple in Aegean cruising for over two decades.

This abstract tapestry is in excellent overall condition with just a few flaws. At some point, there was slight water damage, causing two streaks from the center top to the center bottom. I have "enhanced" the image of the tapestry on the ship to help highlight this (see above).

The only works of Lozzi's to survive to the very end of the ship's life were a trio of large "tree" tapestries (this is one of two for sale) and a series of smaller, brightly colored, abstract flower tapestries that were situated throughout the dining room (also available on this site on the "Smaller Floral Tapestries by Erminio Lozzi" page.

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