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Series Of Smaller Floral Tapestries by Erminio Lozzi made for MV WORLD RENAISSANCE.

Larger Ones: 32 Inches Wide by 46 Inches Tall
Smaller Ones: 24 Inches Wide by 48 Inches Tall

Hand Woven Wool Abstract Flower Tapestries
Various Prices

Born in 1929, Erminio Lozzi is a noted painter, tapestry maker, interior designer and animator. He might be best known in the art world for creating Dino The Dinosaur for the Flintstones but Lozzi was a prolific interior designer and helmed the refit of almost every Epirotiki Lines' cruise ship, from ARGONAUT to ORPHEUS, JASON, NEPTUNE and, of course, the WORLD RENAISSANCE. Lozzi's style was warm, employing vivid oranges and yellows, burnt umber, avocado green and turquoise. His ships had metallic art and gorgeous original tapestries, many depicting scenes from Greek mythology. He transformed the WORLD RENAISSANCE from a cool, chic, but well-worn French lady into a contemporary Greek maiden that would become a staple in Aegean cruising for over two decades.

The only works of Lozzi's to survive to the very end of the ship's life were a trio of large "tree" tapestries and this series of smaller, brightly colored, abstract flower tapestries that were situated throughout the dining room. They are mounted on a burlap or tweed canvas and framed in white wooden frames. Many can probably use a gentle cleaning and remounting onto a more attractive surface. But the colors, Lozzi's needlework and the various textures he gives each piece are exquisite.

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