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New Marathon Cruise Line
Assorted Tableware.


White China by Homatex
Blue and Green Stripes With Planet Logo
Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Priced Accordingly

My heart goes out to the principals of New Marathon Cruise Lines. They purchased the well-worn, structurally challenged QUEEN ELENI (ex 33 ORIENTALES, CITY OF RHODOS), renamed her QUEEN CONSTANTINA, and spent a king's ransom redecorating her for Cyprus-based cruise service in 2001. The ship was, despite their best attempts, a mess.

In the process, the company invested a fortune in logo flatware that seems to have been inspired by the Universal Studios logo of yesteryear with an orbiting body around a planet or star. I recall being impressed by it when visiting the ship in 2001 just after 9-11 put the company into bankruptcy and the QUEEN CONSTANTINA was laid up. A fire snuffed out any hope for her return to service and, after the usual battery of law suits were settled, she eventually made her way to Alang in 2006.

I bought a variety of dishes from her.

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