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Iconic Lobby Door (#4)
With Oval Beveled Glass Inset
From SS OLYMPIA of 1953

Door Measures 38 Inches Wide by 75.75 Inches Tall
Inside Of Frame Measures 40.75 by 78 Inches
Mahogany Frame With Anodized Aluminum Front Facade
Price: $1,350 for entire ensemble plus shipping

The veneer is a beautiful, glowing mahogany. The beveled glass oval window is framed in mahogany but there are two perfunctory repairs where part of the inner frame was repaired.

The frame was fronted with a beautiful anodized aluminum facade . This is what one would see from inside of the ship's lobby. The frame, itself, is constructed of mahogany and comes with the brass track at the bottom. Photos and copyright Peter Knego 2010.

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