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Solid, heavy brass bell

18" Tall
16" Inches Wide
Solid Brass -- Weighs 80 lbs.!
Original fixture from fo'c'sle head
Price: $1,750.00 USD plus shipping

Bells are extremely hard to get from Alang for two major reasons, the first being that all non-ferrous metals are at a premium and second, many breakers choose to donate them to local Hindi temples rather than sell them at any price.

This particular bell is special for its deeply imprinted name, lovely shape and especially large size. It is incredibly heavy and will require special crating and freight shipping.

The PRINSESSE ASTRID was a very handsome ferry, built for Belgian Marine by J. Boel Brothers at Tamise in 1968 for the Oostende to Dover servce. She measured 3,397 gt and carried 1800 passengers. The ship resembled the 1966-built PRINSES PAOLA, which is known to many U.S. ship enthusiasts as the TROPICANA (which was also eventually scrapped at Alang). PRINSESSE ASTRID was sold to Ventouris Ferries in 1983 and renamed GIORGIOS B for Greek-based ferry service. She was renamed BARI EXPRESS in 1984 and sold to Agapitos Lines to become EXPRESS HERMES in 1998 She was laid up in 2002, then sailed to Alang as EXPRESS EREM in 2003. For more information and images of the ship in her various incarnations, please go to:


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