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GA Plans from

Cantieri Del Tirreno

(Riva Trigoso), Etc.

Various Sizes

Original Plans Rescued From The Ship At Alang​

Price: As Marked Plus Shipping

I spent two full days at a very musty, humid paper trader's yard in August of 2005 sorting through mountains of paperwork to secure these fire control and other plans from the passenger ships recently scrapped at Alang. If I had not "rescued" these, they would have been sold to the local pulp processing plant and converted into newsprint stock. I bought nearly a ton of plans and paperwork, namely from the RMS WINDSOR CASTLE, but also any others that I could find. 

Unfortunately, seeing that a "westerner" wanted the plans, the trader upped the price by a thousand percent, making this an extraordinarily costly investment.

I have saved one copy of each of the original plans for my archives in the hope that one day they will be preserved for future historians. In the meantime, the copies of all my spares are being added to this site and sold to recoup the huge expenses incurred.

I obtained as many original Cantieri Del Tirreno plans of PRINSESSE MARGRETHE as I could find as well as plans from her other life stages and careers. They vary in condition and some have the builders' and engineers' notes scribbled on them, which to me make them even more interesting.

The PRINSESSE MARGRETHE (II) and her sister, KONG OLAV V (II), were designed by Kay Korbing and resembled his lovely WINSTON CHURCHILL and ENGLAND, albeit with another deck. They were built for DFDS' Copenhagen to Oslo route in 1968 and they were enlarged and "de-beautified" in the mid-1970s with heightened sterns (a la ORIANA of 1960) and extended funnels (a la HAMBURG of 1969). With their low bows, they looked oddly out of proportion. KONG OLAV V went to Asian interests and was destroyed by fire in 1993. The MARGRETHE was sold "East", as well, becoming ASIA ANGEL and GU LANG YU, then went to Louis Cruise Lines as the PRINCESA CYPRIA for

Cyprus to Israel and Egypt cruising. She was broken up in 2005.

When multiple plans or sets are available, I will choose the ones that I feel are in the best condition to sell first.


  • SET TWO: Plan 68670 dated 18 February 1966 (Profile/Off-Side View, Boat Deck, Saloon Deck at 1/100 scale), Plan 68671 (Promenade Deck, A Deck, Wing Deck -- revised by Aalborg Vaerft 1975) and Plan 68672 (B Deck, C Deck, Tank Top). Six sets available. Price per set of three: 20.00."E457, E458 and E459 -- Salinometer" Plans. Small. Good condition. Price for set of three: $5.00
  • Plan 68670 dated 18 February 1966 (Profile/Off-Side View, Boat Deck, Saloon Deck at 1/100 scale). Five available. Price per plan: 10.00.
  • Plan 65790 dated 15 February 1967 (B and C Deck Sounding and Air Piping Outside Of Engine Room). Price: 5.00.
  • Plan 66937 dated 12 June 1967 (Scupper Arrangements For Promenade, A, Wing Decks). Price: 5.00.
  • Plan 68045 dated 21 December 1965 (Midshipsection). Price: 5.00.
  • Plan 68465 dated 27 January 1966 (Construction Plan). Price: 15.00.
  • Plan 69316 dated 10 May 1966 (Bilge Fire and Double Bottom Piping). Price: 5.00.
  • Plan 69867 dated 16 June 1966 (Layout Of Aeroplane Chairs Room on B Deck). Price: 5.00.
  • Plan 70031 dated 8 July 1966 (GA of FIre Fighting Equipment). Six copies. Price per: 7.50.
  • Plan 70056 dated 14 July 1966 (Evacuation Plan). Price: 10.00.
  • Plan 70577 dated 6 October 1966 (Schematic Arrangement of Steam, Discharge, Feeding, Circol. Boilers Piping Line). Two copies. Price per: 3.50.
  • Plan TG019635/12 dated 8 November 1966 (Fireproof Doors Plant Wiring B, C, Tank Top Decks). Two copies. Price per: 3.50.
  • Plan TG019636/123 dated 8 November 1966 (Fireproof Doors Plant Wiring A, Promenade, Wing Decks). Two copies. Price per: 3.50.
  • Plan TG019637/123 dated 8 November 1966 (Fireproof Doors Plant Wiring Boat and Saloon Decks). Price: 3.50.
  • Plan TG021655/12 dated 9 March 1967 (Fire Alarm Circuits Diagram Saloon and Boat Decks). Price: 3.50.
  • Plan TG021821/2 dated 18 February 1966 (Sprinkler Piping for Promenade, A, Wing Decks). Price: 3.50.
  • Plan TG021654/12 dated 8 March 1967 (Fire Alarm Circuits Diagram -- Promenade, A, Wing Decks). Price: 3.50.
  • Plan TG025692/ dated 21 December 1967 (Electric Plants On Boat Deck). Price: 3.50.
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