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RAAK Fuga "Organ" Sconces

by Maija Lisa Koumalainen


Classic Midcentury Light Fixtures by RAAK of Holland
Designed by Maija Liisa Komulainen
15.5 Inches Tall
8.5 Inches Wide
3.5 Inches Deep
Manufactured in 1966 for the MV RENAISSANCE
Price: SOLD!

What a chic little beauty Paquet's 1966-built MV RENAISSANCE was! Her sleek, futuristic fittings were almost as pleasing as her streamlined, elegant profile. The dining room was a veritable sea of Saarinen chairs and her airy public rooms were strikingly minimalist, while at the same time employing lustrous wood tones and the infusion of sunlight through full length windows. Over the course of time, wear and tear and a procession of uninspired interior decorators took their toll but somehow the little-used Cinema with its angular seats and these lovely fixtures escaped alteration.

I was intrigued by these remarkable lights during my 2007 cruise on board the ship when she was nearing the end of her career as Monarch Classic Cruises' BLUE MONARCH. I would later learn that these are highly sought-after creations from Finish designer Maija Liisa Komulainen. These triple "organ pipe" sconces cast a dramatic light and are in very good condition for their age with some minor surface scratching. It is very hard to find a pair of these lights, let alone two pairs, especially at this price. Manufactured in Holland by RAAK.

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