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Cammell Laird General Arrangement Plans.

Various Sizes
Original Shipyard General Arrangement Plans

Price: As Marked Plus Shipping

I spent two full days at a very musty, humid paper trader's yard in August of 2005 sorting through mountains of paperwork to secure these one-of-a-kind original builder's plans from the RMS WINDSOR CASTLE. If I had not "rescued" these, they would have been sold to the local pulp processing plant and converted into newsprint stock. I bought nearly a ton of plans and paperwork from the ship, which was a virtual floating museum.

Unfortunately, seeing that a "westerner" wanted the plans, the trader upped the price by a thousand percent, making this an extraordinarily costly investment.

I have saved one copy of each of the original plans for my archives in the hope that one day they will be preserved for future historians. In the meantime, the copies of all my spares will be added to this site and sold to recoup the huge expenses incurred. These are fascinating, detailed plans that give insight to just how complex the process of building and engineering a great Union Caste Liner was. In the pre-computer era, these were rendered by hand with remarkable skill and precision. They were on the ship throughout her career, only to be removed once she reached Alang on that sad day in 2005.

I will try my best to note the condition of each plan. Please understand these were in use for over three decades and sat for another decade. Some are torn, some are stained, some have small missing bits and all smell like the engine room of a 1960-built British ocean liner!

These plans are the type with the number in two circles. All or most are stamped and dated by Cammell Laird, the Birkenhead shipyard that built the RMS WINDSOR CASTLE.

Number 35 & 36


  • Numbers 35 (Top Decks -- light stains on outside cover, otherwise excellent), 36 (Profile -- dog ears on bottom outside corners, otherwise excellent): two of incomplete set of four detailing "General Layout of "Kidde" Smoke Detection and Co2 Fire Extinguishing System"(Missing 33 and 34). Price for the two: $15.00

Number 71 


  • Number 71 "Inboard Drainage Arrangement -- Orlop Deck". Slight outer wear, otherwise excellent. Price: $10.00

Number 76 & 77 


  • Numbers 76 (profile -- stains, creases, and small tears on cover) and 77 (Promenade Deck -- slight stains and crease, otherwise excellent): two of set of three (note 78 is missing) detailing "Hydraulic System For Greer Hatch Covers". Price for pair: $15.00
Number 81 - 87 


  • ***SOLD***Number 81 (C Deck -- slight stains, excellent), 82 (D Deck -- slight stains, excellent), 83 (E Deck -- slight stains, a crease or two, very good), 84 (Orlop Deck -- slight corner crease, otherwise excellent), 85 (Lower Orlop Deck -- slight stains, excellent), 87 (B Deck -- Excellent): six of set of eight (note 80 and 86 are missing) detailing "Valve Gearing Arrangement to Shipbuilders Valves". Price for incomplete set: $40.00

Number 93


  • Number 93: "Circulating Water To Refrigerating Machinery". Slight outer discoloration, otherwise excellent. Price: $10.00

Numbers 95 - 101 

  • Number 95 (Top Decks -- outer parts stained, plan torn but details are good), 97 (A Deck -- outer page stained and battered but details of plan are good), 98 (B Deck -- slight wear and discoloration on outside page, otherwise excellent), 99 (C Deck -- stained, worn and torn on outside page, otherwise excellent), 101 ("E Deck" -- excellent condition): five of set of eight (note 94,96,100 are missing) detailing "Cold Water Service Arrangement". Price for incomplete set: $27.50

Number 99  

  • Number 99: "Cold Water Service Arrangement". Excellent (one in set of eight). Price: $10.00

Number 112 - 199  

  • Number 112 (Profile -- very slight stains on cover, otherwise excellent), 113 (Top Decks -- outer parts stained and creased but details of plan are excellent), 114 (Promenade Deck and House Tops -- outer wear, otherwise excellent) 115 (A Deck -- very slight stains and outer creases, otherwise excellent), 116 (B Deck -- outer wear, stains, small tear in seam, otherwise excellent), 117 (C Deck -- outer wear, tears, stains, etc., otherwise excellent), 119((E Deck). Price for set: $60.00

Numbers 128, 131, 132  

  • Number 128 (Top Decks -- cover worn and stained but plans are excellent/thick card paper), 131 (B Deck and Part A Deck -- outer wear, water stained but plan details still good), 132 (C Deck -- excellent): three out set of six plans detailing "Reheat Piping Arrangement" (missing 129, 130, 133). Price for partial set: $20.00

Numbers 128 -- 133 (incomplete)  

  • Number 128 (Top Decks -- stained and torn but mostly complete and legible),130 (A Deck -- outer stains, otherwise excellent/thick card stock) 131 (B Deck -- outer wear, otherwise very good), 132 (C Deck -- outer wear and creases, otherwise excellent), 133 (D and Part E Deck -- left outer edge wear, otherwise excellent): five out of set of six plans detailing "Reheat Piping Arrangement" (missing 129). Price for partial set: $30.00

Numbers 128 -- 133


  • Number 128 (Top Decks -- outer wear, otherwise excellent), 129 (Promenade Deck -- folded into a square unlike rectagular shape of others, excellent), 130 (A Deck -- outer stains and creases, otherwise excellent) 131 (B Deck -- outer wear, otherwise excellent), 132 (C Deck -- outer wear and stains, slight tear in top seam, otherwise excellent), 133 (D and Part E Deck -- slight outer stains, otherwise excellent): complete set of six plans detailing "Reheat Piping Arrangement". Price for set: $45.00

Numbers 140 & 141 

  • Number 140 (A, B, C Decks -- much outer wear, torn and repaired, details still clear), 141 (E, Orlop, Lower Orlop Decks, Tank Top -- outer wear and tear, mostly excellent): two of four plans detailing "Weather Deck Scupper Arrangement". Price for incomplete set (missing 138 and 139): $15.00

Number 142 - 145  

  • Number 142 (Sewage Pumping Plant Port Forward -- slight outer wear, otherwise excellent), 143 (Sewage Pumping Plant Forward Starboard -- outer stains, otherwise excellent), 144 (Sewage Pumping Plant Aft Port), 145 (Aft Starboard --slight discoloration on cover, otherwise excellent): set of four plans detailing "Sewage Pumping Plant". Price for set: $25.00

Number 149  

  • Number 149: "Access Panels in Galley Deckhead". Crease at bottom, slight yellowing, etc, otherwise excellent. Price: $10.00

Numbers 150 -- 163  

  • Numbers 150 -- 163: I am not sure how many plans go into this set, but here are all the plans detailing the "Emergency Opening For Greer Hatch Covers": Number 150(#1 Hatch: Orlop, E & D Decks -- extra crease at bottom, otherwise excellent), 151 (#1 Hatch Details -- crease and slight water mark at top, otherwise excellent), 152 (#2 Hatch, Lower Orlop, Orlop and E Decks -- crease on outer top and slight stain, otherwise excellent), 154 (#3 Hatch, Lower Orlop, Orlop and E Decks -- upper left edge wear, otherwise excellent), 157 (#4 Hatch, E and Orlop Decks -- outer stains, creas, watermark, otherwise very good), 158 (#6 Hatch, Lower Orlop, Orlop, E and D Decks -- middle crease slight water stain, otherwise excellent), 159(#6 Hatch, Lower Orlop, Orlop, E&D Decks -- middle crease, slight water staining, otherwise excellent), 160(#7 Hatch, Lower Orlop, Orlop and E Decks -- middle crease, slight water marking, otherwise excellent), 161 (#7 Hatch -- very slight cover crease and water stain, otherwise excellent), 162 (#8 E and Orlop Decks -- excellent), 163 (#8 Hatch, E and Orlop Decks details -- slight center crease, slight outer water marking, otherwise excellent): $40.00.

Number 196 

  • Number 196: "21 " Self Balancing Hydro Model A". Stains and wear along outer right edge, otherwise excellent. Price: $10.00

Numbers 221 

  • Number 221: "Water Treatment Plant". Booklet on treatment of fresh water supplies on ships provided by Sutcliffe, Speakman and Co, ltd. 22 pages. Excellent condition. Price: $15.00

Number 256  

  • Number 256: "Deck Games Marking". As described, shows markings of games areas on upper decks. Some water stains and wearon right side, but wonderful. Price: $12.50

Number 258  

  • Number 258: "Specification of Cargo Blocks, etc". Single sheet in manila folder showing cargo block specification. Excellent condition. Price: $5.00

Number 260  

  • Number 260: "Derrick Arrangement". Yet another extraordinary plan detailing another aspect of the RMS WINDSOR CASTLE's construction. Slight upper left corner crumpled on outside and light discoloration, otherwise excellent. Price: $10.00

Numbers 261  

  • Number 261: "Awning Plan -- Sheets 1 and 2". Shows measurement and construction on overhead awnings on top decks. Excellent condition. Price for pair: $15.00

Numbers 262 - 264


  • Numbers 262 -- 264: Set of three "Steam Plans": Number 262(small plan in Manila envelope detailing "GA of 2 Compt Wet Steam Oven. Stainless Steel" -- excellent condition), 263 ("3-3 Compt. Wet Steam Ovens" -- excellent condition), 264 ("Detail of Clean Steam Producer" -- excellent condition). Set of three: $15.00.

Numbers 265 - 267 

  • Numbers 265 -- 267: 265 ("Light Alloy Lifeboat (cot cases, etc.)" --upper corner creases, otherwise excellent), 266 ("Alloy Motor Lifeboat" -- water stained but most of plan is still legible), 267 ("Alloy Lifeboat with Propelling Gear" -- water damaged but mostly legible). Price for set: $10.00

Numbers 285 - 292  

  • Numbers 285 -- 292: 285 ("Elec Htd. Hotpress and Bain Marie" -- slight wear, otherwise excellent), 286 ("Elec Htd. Bain Marie and Hotpress" -- excellent), 288 ("Connections for 33-0 Electrically Heated Hotpress and Bain Marie" -- slight stains, otherwise excellent), 289 ("3 Oven Elec. Heated Range" sheet in Manila envelope -- excellent), 290 ("Single Oven Elec. Htd. Range" in Manila envelope -- excellent), 291 ("4 Oven Elect. Heated Range (Typical)" in Manila envelope -- excellent), 292 ("6 Oven Elec. Heated Range: Island Range" in Manila envelope -- excellent). Price for set: $15.00

Numbers 293 - 298  

  • Numbers 293 -- 298: 293 ("Gravity Davit Taylor -- 31 Foot Boat" -- some wear and water stains), 294 ("Gravity Davit Taylor -- 26 Foot Boat" -- excellent), 295 ("Gravity Davit Winch" in Manila envelope -- excellent), 297 ("Gravity Davit Taylor -- 36 Foot Boat" -- excellent), 298 ("Gravity Davit Winch Type GS8 Vertical" -- some wear and water staining). Price for set: $15.00

Numbers 303 & 305  

  • Numbers 303 and 305: 303 ("Oil Fuel Bunker Top" -- slight discoloration on top outer crease, otherwise excellent), 305 ("Oil Fuel Bunker Wing Bhds Frs 171 and 177" -- slight discoloration on top outer crease, otherwise excellent). Price for two: $10.00

Number 312

  • Number 312: "Special F.A. 160-190 Unit With D.C. Motor". Battered bottom edge. Price: $5.00


  • Numbers 166 and 168 -- "Greer Hatches". No image. 166 (#s 1, 2, and 3 on B Deck and #s 2 and 3 on A Deck) and 168 (#s 4 and 5 on Prom Deck and #s 5 and 6 on A Deck). Good condition with some water stains. Price for pair: $15.00."Number 242: Arrangement Pipes Systems, etc. Machinery in Er and BR". Good condition. No image available. Price: $3.50
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