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Large painting of Icarus on plexiglas or Acrylic

Measurements: 52.5 inches wide by 72.75 inches tall
Translucent painting on plexi or Acrylic
Price: SOLD $450 (damaged) plus shipping (and 8.25% tax for California residents, only)

I must admit that this particular panel is a bit of an enigma. It was removed from the ship at Alang but I do not recall encountering it during my visits to the ship. Perhaps it was in an officers' lounge or mess or, perhaps in the ceiling of one of the public rooms and I just missed it. I am certain this work was commissioned for Sun Lines as it is part of their Greek mythological theme, depicting Icarus falling from the sky after flying too close to the sun. It is large and rather striking, altough, unfortunately the upper right corner was broken in the removal process. I have priced it accordingly.

The artist's signature and a date are in the lower right corner, although both are difficult to decipher. The date appears to be 1988. Also written is the word Aiolos, modern Greek for Aeulos. the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology. 

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