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Nino Zoncada-designed
Round Cocktail Tables
from The Minos Lounge

Measurements: 16.5 Inches Tall by 29 (Small) or 32 (Large) Inches Wide
Wooden Base and Legs
Formica Tops
Anodized Aluminum Rims
Brass Tipped Feet
Price: USD $250.00 Plus Shipping and Handling  SOLD

STELLA OCEANIS was an incredibly charming little ship. Built by Cantieri Riuniti dell Adriatico as an Italian war reparation to the Greek government, she entered service in 1965 as the relatively ordinary ferry APHRODITE. In 1966, she was acquired by Sun Lines and given a top to bottom refit at the Mariotti shipyard, which improved her profile and gave her a degree of elegance and modernity that raised the standards for Greek passenger ships of the time. A longtime collaborator of Gio Ponti, Nino Zoncada oversaw the design, which included stylish and comfortable furnishings made by Cassina. There are two sizes of these tables, a slightly smaller one with a diameter of 29 inches and a slightly larger one at 32 inches.

These tables go perfectly with the chairs being offered from STELLA SOLARIS (see 1970s chairs) which are identical in design to the ones shown here from STELLA OCEANIS.

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