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Emanuele Luzzati's Nine Piece Hammered Brass Panel "Bacchanalia"

Grill Bar

Measurements: varies

Hammered Brass

Price: SOLD 

I found the bar lying in the mud at one of the Alang traders in the early summer of 2005. The panels, depicting a wide range of Bacchanalia (ancient amphorae to modern shot glasses), were all lined up behind it and were not for sale unless I bought the bar. After much haggling, I basically paid the trader's price for the whole ensemble and left the bar (unfortunately too big and too difficult to sell). This is the aft portion, which I have opted to keep together as a set. The incomplete forward section has sold out in individual pieces. This ensemble, however, is in very good condition. These were so forlorn looking, but after some cleaning and repairs, they look quite wonderful once again. There are some nicks and dings here and there, but overall, their condition is very good. It is amazing to see how much "personality" the brilliant Mr. Luzzati could inject into inanimate objects such as teapots, bread baskets, and wine bottles!

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