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Iconic Sailboat Panel by Enrico Paulucci for SS STELLA SOLARIS

Set Of Three

Measurements: 139.25 Inches Wide by 58.75 Inches Tall

Price: Set of Three: $7,500.00  SOLD!


Originally a four-piece ensemble, this magnificent composition was the first work of art to greet guests boarding Sun Linesʼ legendary STELLA SOLARIS the last vessel designed by Gio Ponti-collaborator, Nino Zoncada. Located in the embarkation lobby across from the tours office, this colorful work was typical of the late Enrico Paulucci, featuring sailing ships in a small marina. The colors and composition are exquisite.


Born in Roncole, Italy, Paulucci (1901 -- 1999) was one of the important artists contributing to the great Italian built and designed passenger ships of the Post War era. The Sun Line ships, while Greek registered and owned, were unrelentingly Italian in style, thanks to the good taste and seemingly unlimited budget of the ownerʼs wife, Mrs. Keusseoglou.


I have kept this work in my personal collection until now and it should be noted that I have no plans to sell any other Paulucci works. By comparison, the last one I offered for sale, a two piece abstract from the EUGENIO C, went for $35,000.00 at a Christieʼs auction several years ago.


Although it is equally if not more spectacular than the EUGENIO C panel, I am offering this for a significantly reduced price for two reasons: first, there is a missing section that was unfortunately turned into a table top in India; second, there are some condition issues (that do not significantly affect the overall look of the panel and can be remedied with a professional restoration). I hope to sell all three pieces as one large set but am also willing to let the left two panels and the right panel go their separate ways since they stand on their own.


Here are the specifics on each section:

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