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Wood and Laminate End Table From RMS TRANSVAAL CASTLE

Only One -- From An Officerʼs Stateroom

Measurements: 24 by 18.5 by 15.5 Inches

Price: $295.00  SOLD

As most ship enthusiasts know, when Carnival refitted the SA VAAL (ex TRANSVAAL CASTLE) into the cruise ship FESTIVALE, almost all of the original Union-Castle Line fittings and furniture ended up in dumpsters at the Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. shipyard in Kobe. However, the officersʼ territory was pretty much left as built, including some handsome choice bits like this end table, which I rescued from a traderʼs yard at Alang in 2004. The laminate top may have been added later but it is more likely original as the TRANSVAAL CASTLE was constructed in that “in between” traditional and modern era in 1962. In excellent condition, especially for its age.


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