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Union-Castle Line Blankets
Beige Wool With Blue Stripes

76 Inches Long by 51 Inches Wide
Beige And Blue Wool
Stitched Union-Castle Line Monogram
Original Vintage Union-Castle Line Item
Price: $60.00 USD plus shipping.

I obtained a small quantity of these beautifully made wool blankets from Alang, not realizing until I separated them for cleaning that there is a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. These particular blankets have P56 under the Union-Castle Line lettering. I have contacted some UCL alumni, but none can verify exactly what the letter and number mean. Initially, I would have thought it to be the name of a cabin, but there are too many P56s and not enough other lettered blankets for this to be the case. It has been sugggested that the P stands for passenger and the number is the year the blanket was made. This could well be the case since many linens from earlier Union-Castle Line ships probably found their way onto the 1960-built RMS WINDSOR CASTLE during her heyday.

The blankets are in quite good condition but some have a small stain or fray that could probably use some gentle attention after their many years of service and existence. I will select what I feel are the ones in best condition to offer first.

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