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Fire Control Plans

SET FOUR:  Plan One (detailed profile and top decks) is printed on regular copy paper stock for Nautical Designs, Inc. of FL, dating from 10 October 1990.  Plan Three (Aloha Deck to Hold), titled as a General Arrangement Plan, is on regular copy paper stock by Sasebo Shipyard and is undated.  PlanTwo is missing. 

Price: 15.00.

I spent two full days at a very musty, humid paper trader's yard in August of 2005 sorting through mountains of paperwork to secure these fire control and other plans from the passenger ships recently scrapped at Alang. If I had not "rescued" these, they would have been sold to the local pulp processing plant and converted into newsprint stock. I bought nearly a ton of plans and paperwork, namely from the RMS WINDSOR CASTLE, but also any others that I could find.

Unfortunately, seeing that a "westerner" wanted the plans, the trader upped the price by a thousand percent, making this an extraordinarily costly investment.

I have saved one copy of each of the original plans for my archives in the hope that one day they will be preserved for future historians. In the meantime, the copies of all my spares are being added to this site and sold to recoup the huge expenses incurred.

Sadly, this is about all I was able to get from the former SS BRASIL, the second to last true American passenger ship ever built.​

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