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Midcentury Modern Glass Fiber Chairs by Kay Kørbing of Denmark.  From ship unknown.

31 Inches Tall by 19.5 Inches Wide by 17.5 Inches Deep
Steel Legs
Black Glass Fibre Seat
Price: $125 USD plus shipping   SOLD
Quantity Discounts Available!

These classic modern chairs are highly sought after and are particularly attractive in black glass fiber. They hail from one of the WINSTON CHURCHILL's former DFDS fleetmates but they were standard Kørbing shipboard fixtures beginning with DFDS' magnificent, ground-breaking PRINSESSE MARGRETHE of 1957.

In Bruce Peter's book, DANISH SHIP DESIGN 1936-1991 (which details the maritime achievements of Denmark's late Kay Fisker and Kay Kørbing), Kørbing sheds light upon the creation of this specific chair, "The modern furniture you could buy in Denmark at the time was very refined, but hopeless for ships as it would tip over in bad weather and the ship furniture that was available was usually so heavy and old fashioned. The moulded fibreglass cafeteria chair I designed for the ship (PRINSESSE MARGRETHE) was just about the first of its kind anywhere. Everything had to be very good looking but very hard wearing and easily maintained."

These chairs have stood the test of time very well and look just as modern today as when they were first conceived in 1956. They were manufactured in Denmark by the renowned Godtfred H. Petersen. Despite an occasional minor scuff, they are structurallly enduring. The seats come in blue magenta and violet but will likely need recovering.

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