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Anodized Aluminum And Plastic Ceiling Sconces.  Items from Lloyd Triestino MV VICTORIA of 1953.

Period Fixtures From The First Class Foyer
17.5 Inches Diameter by 4 Inches Deep
Price:  SOLD $105 USD plus shipping
Seven or Eight Available

These anodized aluminum and plastic fixtures were in the ANASTASIS' first class foyer and port and starboard passageways leading to the first class dining room. They are solid but lightweight in construction and sport a sleek, flying saucer-like design that is very "50s retro". Most come with the back fixture if there is space for a recess in the ceiling behind the "face" of the fixture; otherwise, the backs can be discarded and the front can be mounted on top of an already embedded light.

Alas, I just "discovered" these in my stores and realized they had never been posted, so here they are!

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