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Armless Wood-Framed Chairs
by Gustavo Pulitzer Finale


Pine Green Upholstery With Dark Wooden Legs
Tan Upholstery With Light Wooden Legs
31.5 Inches Tall
19 Inches Wide
18 Inches Deep
Seat Height 18 Inches
Price:  SOLD $175.00 each

These chairs were made for Gustavo Pulitzer Finale in 1959.  Their seat is almost identical to the metal legged Thonet by Pulitzer chairs, but these do not have the Thonet tag underneath. The seats are elegantly curved and look perfect atop the lovely wooden legs. The front legs are vertical, but the back legs are splayed out in that wonderful midcentury Italian style.  At some point, most likely in the Chandris era, they were recovered in their current colors. On some, the upholstery is in adequate or good condition, but I would still suggest recovering in a more exciting fabric and color than what was last used onboard the PRINCESA VICTORIA.

The classic stylings of these chairs were not limited to the lovely VICTORIA. As shown in one of the above images, they were used on other famous liners such as Italian Line's iconic SS LEONARDO DA VINCI.

Ironically, during my last visit to Italy, a dear friend had one of these chairs in his home. Although I do not believe his came from a ship, it looked beautiful in light olive green leather.

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