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El Patio Lounge / Galleon Bar chairs by Gustavo Pulitzer Finale from MV VICTORIA I.

Most with rose colored upholstery, dark wooden legs
Price: $250 USD plus shipping

Cassina manufactured most of the chairs found on Italian designed ships of the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s.  These chairs are very similar in style to those commissioned for Nino Zoncada and a large number of his works ranging from STELLA OCEANIS and EUGENIO C to STELLA SOLARIS and LEONARDO DA VINCI.  Unlike the others which had metal legs, these chairs have beautiful wooden leg structures, and were made for Gustavo Pulitzer Finale when he created the sleek, deluxe VICTORIA in 1959.  The upholstery most likely dates from the mid-Chandris period of the early 1980s and varies in condition.  A suggestion would be to recover these chairs in solid blue or crimson velvet (see above) to return them to their original look, if desired.

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