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Spindly Metal-Legged Ottomans
by Gustavo Pulitzer Finale.  Manufactured by Thonet/Thonet Industries.  From MV VICTORIA I

18" Tall
Seat 18 Inches Wide
Chandris era beige or blue upholstery, black metal legs
Price:  SOLD  $150 plus shipping
Extremely limited supply!

Thonet or Thonet Industries manufactured these particular ottomans for Gustavo Pulitzer Finale in 1959.  Their original colors were vivid, most likely to match the colors given to each cabin on the ship's color coded decks:  Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire, etc.  At some point, most likely in the Chandris era, they were recovered in a nondescript gray/tan upholstery.

If these lovely little creatures look familiar, it is because they inspired the MidShipCentury logo. All one needs is a multi-colored EUGENIO C to place on top!  Extremely limited supply.

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