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"E" (Engineering) Type Plans

Part Three

Various Sizes
Original Shipyard Plans/Machinery Plans

Price: As Marked Plus Shipping

I spent two full days at a very musty, humid paper trader's yard in August of 2005 sorting through mountains of paperwork to secure these one-of-a-kind original builder's plans from the RMS WINDSOR CASTLE. If I had not "rescued" these, they would have been sold to the local pulp processing plant and converted into newsprint stock. I bought nearly a ton of plans and paperwork from the ship, which was a virtual floating museum.

Unfortunately, seeing that a "westerner" wanted the plans, the trader upped the price by a thousand percent, making this an extraordinarily costly investment.

I have saved one copy of each of the original plans for my archives in the hope that one day they will be preserved for future historians. In the meantime, the copies of all my spares will be added to this site and sold to recoup the huge expenses incurred. These are fascinating, detailed plans that give insight to just how complex the process of building and engineering a great Union Caste Liner was. In the pre-computer era, these were rendered by hand with remarkable skill and precision. They were on the ship throughout her career, only to be removed once she reached Alang on that sad day in 2005.

I will try my best to note the condition of each plan. Please understand these were in use for over three decades and sat for another decade. Some are torn, some are stained, some have small missing bits and all smell like the engine room of a 1960-built British ocean liner!

There are so many plans in this set, showing a photo of each would not only be impractical but would fill up several pages. In the interest of sanity, I am going to list them in numeric order with a description of condition and price. If you have any specific questions about these, please feel free to e-mail me and I will do my best to provide more details.


  • "E300 -- Auxiliary Boiler Feed System" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E301 -- Forced Lubrication Pipes" Good condition. Two available. Price per: $3.50

  • "E302 -- L.O. FIlilng and Water Services In Generator Room" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E303, E304, and E305 -- O.F. Press Discharge To Boilers" E303 (Sheet One), E304 (Sheet Two), and E305 (Sheet Three) Good condition. Price for set: $5.00

  • "E306 -- Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil, L. O. and Misc Filling Pipes In B.R." Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E307 -- After Stabilizer L.O. Filling and Cooling Ect." Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E308 and E309 -- Combustion and Feed Water Control" E308 (Bailey) and E309 (Aux Boiler) Good condition. Price for pair: $5.00

  • "E308 -- Bailey Combustion and Feed Water Control" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E310 -- Compressed Air In Generator Room" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E311 -- Diesel Genr Exh and Vapour Pipes" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E312 -- Turbo Genr. Gearcase Vapour Pipes" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • ***SOLD***"E315 -- E321 -- Engineer's Stores" E315 (Key Plan), E316 (B), E317 (C), E318 (J), E319 (G), E320 (E), and E321 (F) Good condition. Price for set of seven: $10.00

  • "E322 -- Laboratory" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E323 -- Euvring Gear -- A Robinson Supply" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E324, E325, and E326 -- Sea Valves" E324 (Generator Room), E325 (Boiler Room), and E326 (Engine Room) Good condition. Price for set: $5.00

  • "E327 -- Leads For Fluid Operated Instanter Valves" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E328, E329 and E330 -- Extended Spindles" E328 (Engine Room), E329 (Boiler Room) and E330 (Generator Room). Good condition. Price for pair: $5.00

  • ***SOLD***"E331 -- E336 -- Shafting" E331 (Screw Shafting), E332 (Hydraulic jack For Moving Tailshaft), E333 (Tailshaft Withdrawl Sheet 1), E334 (Tailshaft Withdrawal Sheet 2), E335 (Tailshaft Withdrawal Sheet 3), and E336 (Tailshaft Lifting Gear). Good condition. Price for set: $15.00

  • "E336 -- Tailshaft Lifting Gear" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E337 -- Tunnel Water Service Floor Plates" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E338 -- E346 -- Lifting Gear" E338 (Turbo and Diesel Generator), E339 (Beams Over Motor Alterators), E340 (Lifting Lugs For E.R. and B.R. Vent Fans), E341 (For I.D. and F.D. Fan Motors), E342 (Brackets and Beam For I.D. Fan Motors), and E343 (Lugs For E.R. Exh. Fan in B.R.), E344 (Gear Lugs For E.R. Supply Fans On B Deck), E345 (Main L.O. Coolers), E346 (Trolley For L.O. Cooler Stack Lifting Gear). Good condition. Price for set: $15.00

  • "E347, E347A -- Arrangement For Unshipping LP Fotor Ect" Fair to Good condition. Price for pair: $5.00

  • ***SOLD***"E348 -- E356 -- Ladders and Gratings Plans" E348 (Engine Room -- Sheet One), E349 (Engine Room Sheet Two), E350 (Boiler Room -- Sheet One), E352 (Boiler Room -- Sheet Three), E353 (Boiler Room Casing -- Sheet One), and E354 (Boiler Room Casing -- Sheet Two), E56 (Generator Room -- Sheet One). Good condition, except E354, which is very worn and stained. Price for set: $10.00

  • "E357 -- Composite Arrangement At Boiler Casing Top" OK condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E358 -- Rubbish Hoists O.F. Filling Station" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E359 -- Chemical Injection to Evaporators in Boiler Room" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • ***SOLD***"E360, E361 -- Co2" Plans. E360 (Total Flooding System) and E361 (Cylinder Room). Good condition. Price for pair: $5.00***SOLD***

  • "E363 -- Depth Gauges For Oil Fuel Tanks" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E364 -- Main Boilers CO2 Indicators and Pipes" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E365, E366 and E367 -- Pressure Gauges" E365 (Pressure Draught and Temp. Gauges in B.R.), E366 (Pressure Gauges in Generator Room) and E367 (Pressure Gauges In D.R. Therms. And Eng. Rm). Good condition. Price for trio: $7.50

  • "E368 -- Dust Collector Drain Pipes" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E369 -- Shaft Tunnel Exh Fan" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E370, E371 -- Control Drives For Fans". E370 (F.D.) and E371 (I.D) Good condition. Price for pair: $5.00

  • "E372, E373, E374 and E375 -- Ventilation Arrangement" E372 (Sheet One), E373 (Sheet Two), E374 (Sheet Three) and E375 (Sheet Four). Good condition. Price for set of four: $7.50

  • "E376 -- Acid and Caustic Conns in Filling Stn" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E377 -- Supporting Gear For Machine Space Fan Runners" Good condition. Price: $2.00

  • ***SOLD***"E377 -- Fire Extinguishing" Good condition. Price: $10.00***SOLD***

  • "E378 -- H.P. Flange Tables" Good condition. Price: $3.50

    ***SOLD***"E379 -- Detail Of Screw Shafting" Good condition. Price: $3.50***SOLD***

  • "E380 -- Main Steam Bulkhead Bellows" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E381 -- Stern Tubes Details" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E382 -- Cast Iron Trailing Blocks" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • ***SOLD***"E383 -- Propellor Boss and Tailshaft end" Good condition. Price: $3.50***THIS ITEM IS SOLD***

  • "E384 and E385 -- Strainers" (small plans). E384(Main Steam) and E385 (Main Steam Grid) Good condition. Price for pair: $3.50

  • "E386 -- Condensate Oil Trip" Good condition. Price: $3.50

  • "E387 -- Aux S.W. Drain Cooler" Good condition. Two copies. Price per: $3.50

  • "E388 -- Main Circulating Pipes" (small) Good condition. Two copies. Price per: $2.00

  • "E389 -- Bulkhead Stuffing Box" Fair (stained) to Good condition. Three copies. Price per: $2.00

  • ***SOLD***"E390 and E391 -- Propellers" E390(Propeller) and E391 (Fly Sheet) Good condition. Price for pair: $10.00***THIS ITEM IS SOLD***

  • "E398 -- Sect Arrgt Of Overspeed Trip" Worn condition. Price: $2.00

  • "E417 -- Main Bearing (Copy)" Worn condition. Two copies. Price per: $2.00

  • "E444 -- Victor Oily Water Separator" Small. Price: $2.00

  • "E445, E446 and E447 -- Lube Oil Cooler" E445(Arrangement), E446(Sectional Arrangement) and E447 (Duplex Rotary Valve) Good condition. Price for set of three: $7.50

  • ***SOLD***"E450, E451, E453 and E454 -- Thrust Block" E450(Main -- Sheet One), E451(Main -- Sheet Two), E453(H.P. Turbine) and E454 (L.P. Turbine) Good condition. Price for incomplete set of four: $7.50

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