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Happy New Year from

Happy New Year to all MidShipCentury friends and followers. We're still moving and are pretty much focused on getting the task complete but have not forgotten about our promise to add more itreasures as soon as possible. Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook if you want to stay ahead of our latest items for sale.

Heartfelt thanks to all the MidShipCentury visitors that continue to purchase THE SANDS OF ALANG! The reviews from SeaTrade Insider, Cruisetricks (Germany), Oh Canada!, Ocean and Cruise News (US), The Ocean Times (Steamship Historical Society of America), Ships Monthly (UK) have been phenomenal and your support is so much appreciated! The third volume in the series telling the story of the former RMS WINDSOR CASTLE is being drawn up and will hopefully be ready in a few monthsʼ time.

Although we will not be getting any items from the former PACIFIC PRINCESS, we are posting a gallery of her demolition featuring photos by Izmir-based Selim San. This week, the cutting has reached the funnel of the once proud former Love Boat. I am very sad to report that despite our efforts to salvage artwork, furnishings and other keepsakes from this important ship, the breakers have decided it is in their best interest to just destroy everything in the process of getting to the ship's coveted steel. It is beyond comprehension but that's the way it sometimes goes!

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