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It's About Time (Warner)!

Please accept my sincerest apologies for not updating this page in what seems like eons! Much has been going on behind the scenes and it's frankly been easier to use the immediacy of Facebook for status reports. So, if you haven’t yet done so, please check out and “like” the MidShipCentury Facebook page in order to keep up on new items, special deals and more. Now for some proper news! This has been a wonderful week for MidShipCentury, with two outstanding features bringing added visibility to our efforts in saving bits of ocean liner and vintage cruise ship history.

Time Warner Cable subscribers in New York may have already seen roving Travel With Val reporter Valarie D’Elia’s piece about Midship, which is airing this week. In telling the story, Val weaved in footage I shot in January of 2015 aboard the former Love Boat ISLAND PRINCESS at the demolition yards of Alang. While not the “name” ship in the series, the ISLAND PRINCESS was the virtual twin of the more famous PACIFIC PRINCESS and used as a floating set for the series when the PACIFIC was not available. Both ships served as the hit show’s backdrop from 1976 until 1986 and both were filled with Midcentury Scandinavian art and furniture. For those not in New York, click here to see Travel With Val's "Decorate Your Home Like An Oceanliner" Episode its two minute glory. At the same time, gifted former Newsweek, Time and New York Times (among others too numerous to mention) writer Bill Barol has just posted a wonderful 21 minute podcast telling the MidShipCentury story and how I have been able to transform a typical Southern California home into a virtual ocean liner sanctuary. Bill’s narrative, story arc, use of sound bites and music selections are brilliant and I’m humbled to have been featured in one of his outstanding HomeLA podcasts. Click here to hear Bill Barol's Home L.A., Episode 10, "A Life At Sea On Land" podcast. While everything from the PACIFIC PRINCESS was lost at the Turkish shipbreakers in 2014, I managed to salvage all of the important works of art and a nice selection of original furnishings from the ISLAND PRINCESS. Many things have sold out but I still have a small quantity of chairs, a love seat and some of the art left. Some but not all of these items are listed on the site under the Shop column.

Not yet added but very popular sellers via the Facebook page are the hand-textured metal ceiling discs from the Carousel Lounge. I’ve been cleaning these up and restoring them to their original gold color and they look...marvelous! There are nine different patterns in varying quantity. They are 16 inches wide and are priced at $17.50 each plus shipping costs. For overseas orders, a minimum of five, please.

Here is a shot of that room in its heyday, taken from a recent Love Boat episode, courtesy of our friend Dan Lotten. Look closely in the upper left portion of the image for the discs, which were set in a scallop pattern over the dance floor. I even have a handful of those same chairs left -- in the copper/brown upholstery they were given for their final years in the Continental Restaurant. Speaking of metal legs, there are two other types of Love Boat chairs and that Love Boat Love Seat. Last call!

Although I’m still trying to get the vast "Love Boat Lobby" panel depicting wind currents by the late Frans Widerberg back into a proper floating environment (ie on a cruise ship), I may end up offering its many components on MidShipCentury. Each section is made of beautifully colored and sculpted glass by the celebrated Norwegian artist and each stands on its own. It is shown above, just prior to its removal.

And here is one of its epic components, showing the spectacular craftsmanship and striking colors. This is one of some 27 or so pieces averaging three to four feet long and two inches thick.

I also have the stunning forward portion of Kristian Ystehede’s sailing ship that was on the starboard side of the vestibule just forward of the famed Love Boat lobby. Please click here for more details and e-mail me for pricing information. It is stunning! I’ll be featuring more items from the recent container in future updates. Thank you for coming to visit! Warmest regards, Peter Knego

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