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News of the DISCOVERY's fate should become official within a few days. The former ISLAND VENTURE/PRINCESS, etc. has supposedly been purchased by Turkish shipbreakers and will be dispatched to Aliaga in a matter of weeks. There are efforts to save her for a static role, and while the chances are slim, I wish them much success. I really don't want to be heading back to insane, inhospitable Aliaga any time soon.

It's also time for the UNITED STATES to finally be saved or sent off for scrap. The agony of having her with us for so long only to be destroyed is too much to bear but whatever becomes of her, it wont be because people didn't try their damndest to save America's greatest maritime achievement. I'm in awe of and salute the ongoing efforts of the SSUS Conservancy to keep the ship in the news, provide access for her admirers and keep hopes buoyant.

Also, for those who have asked, I hope to have some images from Alang showing the recent beaching of the former COSTA MARINA.

More news and more items to be added shortly. For real.


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